Top 10 Game Changing Ideas

Here are my Top 10 Business Game-Changing Ideas that will fundamentally help you stay on track to achieve your business goals. Follow these, and your results will be “miraculous”!
  1. Schedule at least an hour per week for critical thinking – Think on Paper!
  2. Plan your day the day before it starts.
  3. Only do work worthy of your true “hourly rate”
  4. Before you start working on a solution or system to solve your problems, accurately and precisely identify the problem to be solved
  5. Identify, and consistently measure the five critical drivers of your business.
  6. Find and eliminate the expenses in your business that are not contributing to gaining new customers or keeping the ones you have.
  7. Use the five financial levers to dramatically improve cash flow and profits.
  8. Transform your “high maintenance” team into a “high-performance” team by focusing on the culture.
  9. Run your business so that customers would say: “I would have to be crazy to go somewhere else!”
  10. Develop a strong enough brand (niche) to attract customers and repel the competition.

Remember, a successful business is one where ordinary people produce extraordinary results by doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.


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