As an experienced Business Coach, Evan offers the following Business Coaching and Consulting Services:

One-on-One Coaching

This is an ongoing week to week program designed to help you overhaul your business so that it can deliver the results you are after.  This program usually runs for a minimum of 12 months and for most clients is the best way to deliver long term sustainable improvements.  This program is designed for businesses that are two or more years old and have at least four staff member.


Mentor-Group Accelerator

For younger and smaller businesses looking to get serious traction in their market. This is a 12 month program where you will join a group of 5 business owners who are at a similar stage in their business. This is probably your first business and you have 0 -3 employees.


Sales Builder

This is a 12 month program that focusses exclusively on designing a modern, systemised sales and marketing function. It is suitable for sales people, sales managers and business owners looking to ramp up their sales results, using the latest techniques, systems and methods.


General Business Consulting

There are many situations where a business’s internal know-how is insufficient for the challenges it faces.  This service is aimed at providing specific solutions that can be implemented by the business without the need for ongoing coaching.


Business Viability and Start-up Strategy Consulting

Unbiased, objective input and advice on your Start-up business and the strategy you are using to achieve your objectives. These are two hour sessions designed for people who do not require ongoing coaching but require advice.


One-off Business Review

From time to time there may be aspects of  your business that are not performing to expectations. The One-off review is aimed at providing a “quick-fix” solution.


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