Every business needs a clear and strong Business Strategy to compete effectively in the business world of today.  With competition at every turn, the only way to thrive is to have a robust business strategy designed to ensure that your business is organised and equipped to thrive and grow despite all the market forces that you face.

Your business strategy is a set of coherent decisions carefully crafted to enable your business to reach its long term objectives. Without this in place, business becomes a hit and miss exercise.

Strategy Consulting

However you conduct your business, you put your capital at risk and you commit your time and effort. So it makes sense to ensure that you have the best strategies in place before you do so.

To help you do so, we offer a range of strategic business consulting options:

Business Strategy Review

A Strategy Review will provide unbiased and impartial professional feedback. The process ensure that things are analysed in the cold light of reality and the hard questions you may otherwise avoid, are addressed. Learn more

Business Strategy Planning Workshop

A Business Strategy Planning Workshop gets all the stakeholders to get free of operational concerns an distractions, come to grips with opportunities, envision ways to create additional value and work out ways to maximise the achievement of the business’s strategic objectives. Learn more

Business Element Strategies

Every business has multiple components that together comprise the business. Each one of these needs to function at the highest possible level for the business as a whole to work at its best. Evan Rubenstein has can provide high-level, effective advice and assistance in all of the following areas:

Client Acquisition Strategy

Client acquisition addresses sales and marketing from an integrated viewpoint to keep pace with with evolving management trends and customer behaviour. We help our clients to design and implement scalable and efficient systems to match their growth needs. Learn more..

Performance Management

Business performance is directly linked to the performance of individuals. If you require that you business performs at a high level, this simply cannot be neglected.We work with our clients to ensure that they are able to get the results they need from management, employees, contractors and providers. Learn more…

Organisational Structure

An organisation needs to be structured to deal with the long term objectives of the shareholders, not the current operational needs. This can only be achieved using a strategic approach. Our clients get easy to operate organisations as a result of efficient management alignment and clear delegation of responsibilities. The result is that senior management can focus on opportunities and growth rather that operational effectiveness. Learn more…

Recruitment and Induction

Good recruiting remains a major challenge in most businesses. Get this wrong and your business will always struggle. The Recruitment and Induction strategy is designed to minimise the chances of getting this wrong as the cost of doing this is much larger than is apparent. In most cases, it is the absence of objective process and a reliance on “gut feel” that results in a mis-hires. With a proper recruitment strategy in place, you will no longer need to use recruitment agents, makes this strategy one of the most cost justifiable of all.

Operations and Systems

In our competitive environment, internal efficiency, service levels and fulfillment competence are key drivers of financial performance and success. Systems need regular review and overhaul to take advantage of new developments, practises and performance standards.

Teamwork and Culture

The most important asset of any business is its team. Getting a high level of engagement from your team is a major challenge requiring a subtle combination of education, motivation and reward. All of this can only work if team members identify with the business’s core purpose and operational ethics.

The Benefit of Using External Consultants

External consultants provide exceptional value when in-house staff lack the experience and knowledge to drive strategic changes. Issues or projects that require business-wide advancement or change are especially suited to using consultants. The business benefits from unbiased specialist capabilities, which are only necessary for as long as they are required.

Consultants are excellent resources to launch new initiatives, as they bring a wealth of industry knowledge that can be quickly applied.  Consultants can improve internal decision making and general outcomes by:

  • re-energising the organisation
  • introducing new ideas into the organisation
  • identifying outdated or bad practices
  • mediating conflicting perspectives