Business Strategy WorkshopA Business Strategy Workshop is a process where matters of a strategic nature are tackled, worked through and resolved; where:

  • participants focus on developing the best businesses response to business conditions, opportunities and challenges
  • value improvement opportunities within a business or business division can be identified and addressed

It should be noted, that business strategy is quite distinct from business planning, and that a successful business plan is only as good as the strategy it is derived from. A Business Strategy Workshop is thus a vital and valuable input to the business planning process and as such should be conducted at the same frequency.

Other events such as important changes in the business environment, serious problems, market or acquisition opportunities, ownership or senior management changes can also trigger a Business Strategy Workshop.

Most well run businesses have an established communication and collaboration process where relevant matters are regularly covered. Examples of these are sales meetings, operations meetings, management meetings etc. These need to held at a frequency that makes business sense in relation to ongoing business operations.  Compared to these topics, business strategy is relatively static and as such is  worked far less frequently. Sometimes too infrequently or perhaps not at all.

Whilst a business strategy is usually set for the 3-5 year timeframe, you should review and update it every year (at least) to keep in sync with market, economic and competitive developments.

A Business Strategy Workshop should should focus on important matters of a longer term nature without being too distracted by non-strategic issues covered in other meetings. It is for these reasons, that most businesses use external facilitators who can keep the focus and ensure that the required outputs and results are produced within the allocated time.

The benefits of an external facilitator for your Strategic Workshop

  • The facilitators experience and strategy experience will greatly enhance the value of the process and its outcomes
  • With no vested interest one way or another, the facilitator will make sure you get to a satisfactory and pleasing result
  • Having a facilitator will make it easy to tackle challenging or contentious issues without any personal risk
  • You get guidance in terms of preparation as well as materials ahead of time to prepare the strategic team properly including:
    • organisation wide survey
    • leadership team interview summaries
  • You will be able to participate fully in the workshop instead of having to conceive. organise or run it

When completed, the workshop will reveal a set of clear strategic recommendations that squarely address the original purpose and objectives of the workshop.

  • Your team will appreciate the opportunity to collaborate and have their ideas and thoughts discussed
  • You and your team will gain clarity and confidence in the knowledge that your thinking and strategic response is up to date

How does it work?

After initial contact, a consultation is held with the business’s strategy sponsor, where the purpose and desired outcomes will be formalised a, preliminary agenda compiled, a workshop date set and any concerns addressed.

Next, we will compile a survey for you and sent out to the people you nominate to get their feedback and involvement.

After the workshop, we will hold a debrief with the strategy sponsor.

What you can expect to get from running a Business Strategy Workshop for your business?

  • Clarity on the key drivers of your business’s success
  • Fresh, aligned thinking on the best way to maximise your outcomes within a 3-5 year period
  • Strategic positioning for sustainable, ongoing competitive advantage
  • Critical attention areas and applicable initiatives required

In addition, the strategic workshop will

  • align business stakeholders and management, helping to consolidate a high performance culture
  • improve clarity, confidence and commitment in relation to the future development of the business
  • identify many tactical opportunities and initiatives for immediate attention and action

What to do next?

Get in touch and we will quickly establish whether a Business Strategic Workshop  is right and timely for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organisation do you work with?

We primarily work with entrepreneurial business in the SME space with between 5 and 200 employees.

We also work with Not For Profit organisations.

What do you charge for a Strategy Workshop?

Once we understand the specifics of your needs, we will be able to quote you a specific price. Please contact us for further information in this regard.

Will you help us to set the right agenda?

Yes. Part of the package is certain pre-work which includes creating an appropriate agenda to ensure that your desired outcomes can be met. You can rely on our experience to ensure that time is not wasted or the outcomes do not meet your expectations in any way.

How long does the process take?

Usually it will take 2-3 weeks between initial consultation, completion of the workshop and final debrief.

Where do we hold the workshop? Can we do it online?

Usually, workshops are held offsite at a location convenient to your organisation, free of typical interruptions, but this is not a necessity.
Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have effectively adapted our workshop to be able to run online using Zoom, and this has some advantages.

These details can be explored in the initial consultation

Does the workshop need to be done in one sitting?

It is usually it is best to do it in one continuous exercise to maintain continuity and momentum. With people working from home, this is not always convenient so there is the option to split it into a series of sessions.

Can you help us implement our strategy after the workshop?

Yes indeed.  We are acutely aware of the need for proper follow up to ensure you can realise the full benefits of having held a strategic workshop. Details of how this works can be discussed at the initial consultation.

Do you have any form of guarantee?

Our role is to facilitate, rather than provide you with the strategy itself. Every business is different in terms of their ability to conceive and implement their strategy and therefore not something we can guarantee.