Entrepreneurs do better with a business coach, and do best with the best business mentor in the business

It’s no co-incidence that businesses who employ a business coach perform better than those that don’t.

It’s even less of a coincidence that those that choose to use my services enjoy accelerated success.

Take a look at my business background across 27 years in tough markets. You’ll see a rare combination of the:

  • realist’s skill in extracting the possible from the improbable
  • performer’s platinum history with the world’s leading business coaching organisation
  • innovator’s flair for founding, managing and running successful companies on two continents
  • engineer’s grasp of systems, processes, tools and analytics
  • entrepreneur’s instinct for products, opportunities and timing
  • manager’s eye for people, detail, structure and efficiency
  • coach’s skill at inspiring and motivating client’s to achieve beyond their beliefs and doubts.