Let’s face it, the first few years in a business are the toughest. This is the period where historically most will fail, so just like a budding sportsman with potential, it makes sense sense to get assistance and guidance to get the fundamentals into place. The Mentor-Group Accelerator offers the opportunity to work with a few like minded, similarly positioned business owners all with the same objective.

Mentor-Group Accelerator participants generally have great ideas and domain expertise. Yet, they find that turning those ideas and skills into a moneymaking enterprise remains a big challenge. This program addresses all of the core business functions that need to be in place to pave the way for a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise that Works Without You. By the end of the program, you will have a solid grasp of these, and understand clearly how your business needs to look and function in order for it to deliver the outcomes you are after. In fact, most of this will be in place and in use!


How it Works

Participants meet every fortnight on a private Google Hangout, where concepts are introduced and discussed. Each concept has a “homework” component, where you implement the subject of the topic within your business under the guidance of the coach.

I addition there is a 1 hour private Alignment session and 5 half hour private “Velocity” sessions with the coach where your can work on your individual issues privately.


Who is this for?

The Mentor-Group Accelerator program is ideal for young businesses who do not have the budget for One-on-One Business Coaching but nevertheless want to move their businesses forward with the best practises and external accountability.



The Mentor-Group Accelerator investment is $640 per month.