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Evan Rubenstein

Strategy. Knowledge. Experience. Method.

Every business is different and over the past 15 years, Evan has worked with many clients addressing every imaginable issue, some that you may also be facing today. This is an opportunity to learn how set yourself up for far greater success than you could achieve on your own.

Better bottom line results and business valuation

Effective time management and improved work-life balance

Properly structure your systems and improve your leadership skills for running a power team

Develop better “go to market” strategies and improve your business acumen

What do people think

“Before having Evan as our business coach Natures Angels was an ok little business that my partner and I ran with a handful of staff. We had no real direction and just took work on as it came in organically – this was never going to be sustainable or give us the lifestyle we desired.”

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~ Laudy Cincotta, Nature’s Angels

“I found myself down the track of expanding my company but feeling like I needed outside help to make sure it was achieved without detracting from the quality of our work, financial stability and culture.”

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~ Warwick Matthews, Warwick Constructions

If you are drowning in your own success…

If your business is stuck in a plateau…

We've been working with Evan since 2002 and he has played a huge part in assisting us in our operations and growth. We've expanded our team from 3 to 15, multiplied our revenue five-fold and have a large growth agenda that Evan has played an important part in putting together. Evan is a valuable part of our management team.

Heath Kilgour & Nathan Isterling,

When we first spoke, I relayed to you the perceived difficulties in systemising the business. Months later, after following your instructions, we now have a business that I believe if I chose to, I could cut my hours in half. Further to this, your marketing ideas that I did not agree with have worked exceptionally brilliantly.

Alan Nankin, Mortgage Masters

Evan helped us to understand our business and to clarify our vision and find our niche and now we are working on our business, managing a team that went from 5 to 15 and looking at growing it into the future.

Laudy Cincotta, Natures Angels

I can recommend Evan when I see people who are so busy in their business and they have no time for anything else. I can assure them that they will get systems and gain the organisational skills they need to free them from a manic existence. As far as a return on investment is concerned, I’ve been with Evan for 2 years and we’ve improved considerably. I would estimate that we will at least double our bottom line within the next 4 years.

David Nolan, Owner, CIC Finance

Working with Evan is like doing a business degree using your own company as the model, so it’s all totally relevant!

James Rattray, Flowerdale Farm



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