How You Could Benefit From a Business Mentor?

Business mentorIf you are a sole business owner, running your business can be a lonely activity without a business mentor. Sure, you are surrounded by members of your team, and they will depend on input and support from you – not the other way round.

So who do you talk to? Who challenges you? Who amplifies you? Who helps you through the tough patches? Who asks you the hard questions, supports you in the pursuit of good answers and builds your confidence? Who supports and pushes you in your quest to exceed and excel?

All of that is the role of a Business Mentor.

Achieving ultimate success in your business requires that you become the best leader and manager you can possibly be. That means creating an environment that fully supports your business vision and plan while at the same time, holding you, the person steering the ship, to account. This formula is at the heart of a high performance business people and is how my business mentor clients benefit.

Business Mentoring takes place by way of regular conversations. The content of these conversations will vary but will typically include: brainstorming, problem solving, professional development, dealing with challenges, reviewing progress and debriefing on important occurrences.

As a Business Mentor client you get:

• A structured process to ensure that you are doing the right things for your business

• Collegial support to help you work through the rigours of running your business

• An experienced and knowledgeable person to consult about areas you are unfamiliar with or need help with

• A supportive sounding-board and a safe place to test-drive ideas before introducing them to your business, or simply someone to hear your rant!

• Support for business planning, performance maximisation and dealing with everyday business challenges

• Guidance and support for personal growth and development

• Someone who is pro-actively looking out for your wellbeing and success

According to a survey by the American Society for Training and Development, 75% of private sector executives said that mentoring had been critical in helping them reach their current level and position.

If you’ve been going it alone in your business, it’s time to explore the next step. A step that will amplify your ability to achieve, and take you to new heights.

Sit down with us on a no cost, no obligation basis and let’s explore the possibilities!