Business Expertise to
Help You Build Profits, Growth and an
Effective Team.

Are you getting the essentials right?

If you’re like me, your business has become a centre point of your life, the key to your future prosperity and something you are driven to do well at. You get excited about the latest developments and opportunities and your passion for what you do can be felt by the people you meet.

You don’t want to waste time or have to work unnecessarily hard. Like all top business people, you want the best advice and support you can afford, so that you can make the fastest progress. 

For that you want an accomplished advisor with the right credentials:

  • Successful entrepreneurial business background
  • Substantial advisory experience
  • A track record of client successes

With over 30 years front-line business experience, 20 years business advisory experience and a long list of client successes, it would be an honour for me to work with you.


  • I’m constantly putting out fires and can’t take time to think about or plan for the future.
  • I need to make better decisions but sometimes I just struggle to think straight
  • I’m overloaded – I’ve got to do everything myself if it’s going to get done right.
  • My business would fall apart if I took a vacation.
  • I’ve been trying to grow my business for years, but nothing is working
  • I’ve tried everything I can think of, with only minimal improvements
  • I need more free time — for family, friends, hobbies and just for me.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.
I can help you…



Understand your situation, your market and your goals.



You need the right strategy to produce results with the least effort, time and resources. Getting this right will give you focus and confidence and motivation.



Only purpose driven action will produce results and drive the outcomes you want.

Typical elements of clients outcomes

Better bottom line results and business valuation

More money for you now and when you sell

Better “go to market’ strategies

Better quality opportunities, better clients

Properly structure your sales, organisation, staffing and systems

Make your life much easier and work more fun

Improve your business acumen

Become an accomplished, proficient and respected business person

Leadership skills for running a Power Team

A key ingredient for sustainable growth

Better work/life balance

More time to spend with your family

"Evan always has an answer to the specific challenges we face in our business and can guide us in the right direction – often realising we have issues even before we do. Evan is a valuable part of our management team.”

Heath KilgourFootytips.com

“Working with Evan is like doing a business degree using your own company as the model, so it’s all totally relevant”

James RattrayFlowerdale Farm

"Highly Recommended! Evan has been an outstanding coach for our business over several years with great success in growth and overall improvement in our day to day business."

Damian CorneyGrafico

"His attention to our individual needs is extraordinary and he makes a particular effort to work in the capacity of co-director to make sure we're making the most strategic decisions every time. I can't recommend Evan highly enough!"

Dave CollinsAngry Chair

"After 2 years, my reward is a 374% increase in my net profit, and a 76% increase in my revenue. My team has also doubled in size in the last 12 months... Thank you Evan"

Ingrid MaynardHarvest Management

"Since working with Evan as our Business Coach, our business has simply transformed. We have seen a significant increase in leads and profitability in just 4 months thanks to Evan's expertise in sales, marketing, organisational structure and business management."

Shaun FarrellCaliper Australia

What Can Evan Rubenstein Do For You?

In the short term, working with me will help you generate quick improvements to lead flow, sales, cash-flow and profits.

In the longer term, You will develop great business acumen, and the teamwork and leadership skills needed for ongoing and significant business success.  Most importantly, you will end up significantly increase the valuation of your business. This will make your business a lot more attractive and see it command a significantly higher price, if and when you decide to sell it in the future

My focus is on equipping you as a client with the knowledge, skills, and the in-depth know­how required to transform your stressful, high-effort and time intensive business, into an easy to run, highly systematised money-maker, effectively run by a team.

I will help you build a high performing team focussed on keeping your customers happy and helping you to achieve your goals. You will end up with a very profitable business that makes far less demands on your time and is much easier to run. You will learn how to continue to build value value, year after year, so that if and when you decide to sell, you will have an asset that will receive a top valuation within your industry.

Start transforming your business right now

This is as far as you need to go, to get the assistance and support you need to build your business to deliver the commercial results you want.

  • Time to work on your business, not in it
  • Support to actualise your vision and dreams
  • The know-how to build a high performance team
  • A well structured business to make it easy to run and grow
  • Effective recruiting to get the people that will bring results
  • Winning ‘go to market strategies’ that will attract your ‘ideal clients’ to more easily build your profits
  • A business that will be a valuable commercial asset in the future, when the time comes for you to exit
  • Grow your personal business acumen, work less and achieve more

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