Entrepreneurs do better with a Business Coach.
Are you doing your best?

Looking for the right person to help you keep your business moving forward and growing even under the current testing conditions?

Let’s face it, things are challenging at the moment. Getting new and diverse thinking and additional motivation will inject new momentum and energy into your business. It will likely make a massive difference to your outcomes, like it has for so many others.

For that you want an accomplished business coach with the right credentials:

  • Successful entrepreneurial business background
  • Substantial coaching experience
  • A track record of client successes

With over 30 years front-line business experience, 18 years coaching experience and a long list of business and coaching successes, Evan Rubenstein is one of Melbourne’s most accomplished business coaches.

“If you’re going to work hard anyway, make sure its on the best strategy, with the best support, advice and guidance!”

Amazing Results
Evan Rubenstein

Evan Rubenstein

Business and Executive Coach

A quiet force behind some incredible client outcomes

Business coaching can help you to address a range of issues you may be facing in your business, or it can simply set you up for greater success than you could achieve on your own.

Better bottom line results and business valuation

More money for you now and when you sell

Better “go to market’ strategies

Better quality opportunities, better clients

Properly structure your sales, organisation, staffing and systems

Make your life much easier and work more fun

Improve your business acumen

Become an accomplished, proficient and respected business person

Leadership skills for running a Power Team

A key ingredient for sustainable growth

Better work/life balance

More time to spend with your family

What Can Evan Rubenstein Do For You?

In the short term, professional business coaching can produce quick improvements to leads, sales, cash-flow and profits.

In the longer term, it develops business acumen, mindset, teamwork and leadership skills needed for ongoing and significant business success.  Most importantly, coaching will significantly increase the valuation of your business. This will make your business a lot more attractive and see it command a significantly higher price, if and when you decide to sell it in the future

So my focus is on equipping you as a client with the knowledge, skills, and the in-depth know­how required to transform your stressful, high-effort and time intensive business, into an easy to run, highly systematised money-maker, effectively run by a team.

I will help you build a high performing team focussed on keeping your customers happy and helping you to achieve your goals. You will end up with a very profitable business that makes far less demands on your time and is much easier to run. You will learn how to continue to build value value, year after year, so that if and when you decide to sell, you will have an asset that will receive a top valuation within your industry.

“Working with Evan is like doing a business degree using your own company as the model, so it’s all totally relevant” James Rattray, Flowerdale Farm

How do you get real results in your business?

It’s all about strategy

Building a successful business takes a lot of work. That’s a given. So you need to make sure that your personal work totally hits the mark every time.

Over 10,000 logged hours of coaching with hundreds of clients on top of fifteen years of frontline business leadership experience. You could say that strategy is my business.

Which is why my clients get such great results.

Your personal action plan will have all the right strategies for your business. So you won’t waste time and effort on untried, unproven ideas.

“Evan applied his insights into how we operate and helped me to rethink and reshape the way I was doing things. My strategic plan is now not only much bigger, but way clearer.” Warwick Matthews, Warwick Constructions

How Does Business Coaching With Evan Rubenstein Work?

“Strategy, Knowledge. Experience. Method.”

Every business is different and over the past 15 years I’ve worked with many. This is what many clients are facing when we start:

  • Not enough time to work on the business or to spend with the family
  • Can’t find good people – this is holding the business back
  • Working really hard but not earning enough
  • Always dealing with crises and putting out fires
  • Not confident that the business will deliver the desired result over the long term

But, it does not take long until a clear plan of action is developed and things start to happen. There is no looking back.

“Evan helped us to understand our business and to clarify our vision and find our niche….and now we are working on our business, managing a team that went from 5 to 15 and looking at growing it into the future” Laudy Cincotta, Natures Angels

Start transforming your business right now

This is as far as you need to go to get the help you need to get the business and the outcomes you really want.

  • Time to work on your business, not in it
  • Support for your vision and dreams
  • Build a high performance team
  • Structure your business to make it easy to run
  • Recruit effectively to get the people that will bring results
  • Develop the winning ‘go to market strategies’ that will build you profits and your business valuation
  • Grow your personal business acumen so you can achieve more

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